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Do not combine varieties to get quantity discount.

GENEVA (Budagovsky, OHxF, Krymsk)
MALLING (Marianna GF8-1, Mahaleb)

RootstockClassAvailabilityQuantity required
B.925% of standard1597 in stock
G.1125% of standard6127 in stock
G.4130% of standard2370 in stock
G.1635% of standard465 in stock
G.93540% of standard3931 in stock
G.22240% of standard694 in stock
Quince45% of standard100 in stock
G.20245% of standard2561 in stock
G.96950% of standard1 in stock
G.3050% of standard1360 in stock
G.21055% of standard235 in stock
G.89055% of standard1404 in stock
M.760% of standard2429 in stock
OHxF 8765% of standard1943 in stock
MM.11180% of standard2580 in stock
Mahaleb90% of standard500 in stock
B.11890% of standard3475 in stock
OHxF 9790% of standard626 in stock
Marianna GF8-1100% of standard417 in stock
P.18100% of standard450 in stock