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Do not combine varieties to get quantity discount.

(For orders greater than 100 please order in increments of 50.)
GENEVA (Budagovsky, OHxF, Krymsk)
MALLING (Marianna GF8-1, Mahaleb)


Our 2000 rate is $1.95 for Geneva rootstocks which includes royalties.   

( There is no 2000 rate for OHxF or Krymsk).

Unlike the above table, you may combine different rootstocks to get to the 2000 rate. 

Email us at to receive the 2000+ rate.

RootstockClassAvailabilityQuantity required
B.925% of standard2169 in stock
G.1125% of standard9787 in stock
G.4130% of standard5778 in stock
G.93540% of standard117 in stock
G.21045% of standard5071 in stock
Quince45% of standard55 in stock
G.20245% of standard915 in stock
G.96950% of standard1028 in stock
G.89055% of standard11727 in stock
M.760% of standard1672 in stock
OHxF 8765% of standard1685 in stock
MM.11180% of standard3283 in stock
Mahaleb90% of standard478 in stock
B.11890% of standard3467 in stock
OHxF 9790% of standard1382 in stock
Lovell100% of standard476 in stock
Myrobalan100% of standard465 in stock
P.18100% of standard882 in stock